"Tell us a bit about how you feel" prompt?


Hi there

My first post in the forum. Hope I put this thread in the right place :)

Im very curious about the prompt, asking about how "I felt" after a session. Im asked to write subjectively a few comments. My question is, is Atheltica.AI taking this into account when building future sessions? It says it does. But, how does this work? Is there anything in particular I should put here?

Also, I suspect that whatever I add, it should be in English, or would it be ok to write in Swedish as well? Would the AI recognize both languages?




Welcome Erik,

Great to have your contributions. To your questions, you should speak honestly as best you can about how the session went. Write as much or as little as you feel depending on the day. Athletica.ai assesses a mood function from this input and curbs future training load accordingly. You should test the language question and report back, but I'm imagining this is English only for now.



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Hi Paul,

Ok, thanks. I tend to write in english anyway. Not sure my athletes will. I will be able to follow them still.


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