Training Plan Question

I already have some races established in the training plan. when adding them the platform only ask if it is an objective A, B or C. My question is how the platform designs the training without having more information regarding what type of races they are and the duration?

Hello @IAM!

When adding your races to the Athletica calendar (Settings → Training → Races or ‘Train to maintain’) you select the race type as well as the date, name and priority.

Athletica then uses the race priority to maximize your fitness and form for each race. B and C races may not get the same taper since you want to maximize the form and fitness for your A race.

Thank you, I understand that part, but it doesn’t address my initial question. Let me explain: a TT Gravel or Criterium event doesn’t involve the same training because the focuses are completely different. This is where my question arises; the system only prioritizes your goal, but it has no idea what type of goal it is. Therefore, the training for goal A can be the same whether it’s a TT, Gravel, Crit, Road Race, or Endurance…

You’re 100% right.

Training for endurance sport is simple: develop your cardiovascular capacity. Your body doesn’t care what event you’re doing (CX, XC, TT, GF), it’s just using what you’ve built. Zone 2 training and HIIT build that capacity by raising the floor (Z2) and boosting your ceiling (HIIT).

The specialization part of the program (CX, XC, TT, GF) is how much short or long HIIT is prescribed (e.g. more short HIIT for criterium, more long HIIT for TT).

Does that make sense?