Unable to scroll to bottom on mobile device



Not sure if this is a bug or just me:

When I go to enter my RPE after a workout, the cancel and save buttons are mostly off the page and I can’t scroll to easily see which button is which (see attached picture). I have to zoom out (pinch zoom) to remind myself which button is save and then zoom back in to attempt to press the barely visible correct button. More an annoyance than anything else.

I’m guessing this is because that screen is a box on the page?


This is on an iPhone 15 Pro in Safari.


@green-biker I recommend adding Athletica to your home screen (using Safari). This will actually add Athletica to your phone like an application you downloaded from the App Store. I've been doing that and am quite happy with how it works. Big shout out to the dev team for making it responsive.

However @prof, it would be great if you could do two things:

1. Disable screen zoom when clicking on inputs. (see here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2989263/disable-auto-zoom-in-input-text-tag-safari-on-iphone)

2. Somehow increase the lifetime of auth/refresh tokens. It isn't very pleasant to re-login every 2-3 days, especially when using it as a PWA.