Undulating terrain and Strength Endurance run

few weeks ago the I was gratified with at least a Strength Endurance run every week (what I understand is Strength Endurance is aerobic development over undulating terrain) since then none of this has been programmed

I’m going on holiday at the end of the month and it will be hilly (very) although I will do my easy run over hill and take them easy I have two questions:

A) why the AI does not program Strength Endurance run anymore ?
B) does the AI take into account the undulation ?

nice to have: it would be nice to hint the AI that during a certain time I will be training in a very hilly terrain (or in altitude or in a hot humid environment)

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Hey @headgeek

Hard to say why unless I check your profile. If you send me a DM with your registered email I can look into it.

In the meantime:
A: SE is a bread & butter workout (or as low carb athlete I should say bacon & butter, :rofl:) and you should see it in your plan throughout the year. If not, please just choose undulating terrain as you will be racing at. If it is hilly, do a long

B: not at the moment directly, not that I am aware of (@Prof please correct me if I’m mistaken). Keep in mind that if you train in hilly terrain your HR elevating more than it would when training in flat terrain, and that would increase your load calculation (if by heart rate), and lower is load calculation is done by pace as you would slow down. Normalized grade pace average I believe takes this into account; so my guess AI sees NGP and bases loading calculations on that. I don’t know whether there is another calculation in place for elevation? But that’s a great question.

Lastly; that would be awesome, but just enjoy the hills and adjust your training based on how you are adapting to the hills. If you aren’t used to hills; you’ll definitely feel them and may be more than normal fatigued. If that’s the case, use common sense and adjust your plan accordingly.

Really vague answer but hope this helps.


I train with HR strap and I make a game of trying to guess my heart rate while keeping it as low as possible. So on hills I think “effort” not speed
I regularly train on hills I so I’m familiar only sometimes when you have speed work it’s better not to have any hills.

I don’t have to obey the coach but I prefer the follow the plan so I try to be inside the parameters that’s why I was asking if the AI does take the undulation when calculating if I comply to a training.

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Hi, I also asked the same question when I started my plan as I am due to have a hilly race. Like yourself, I am committed to keeping to what the AI has prescribed and dont want to deviate from my preferred zones. Most of the time my Garmin shouts at me (as I always go over my prescribed HR zone), so I just try and keep it slow. I also make sure I tell AI in my feedback that “HR higher than prescribed due to very hilly terrain” AI also makes a note of this and accepts this reason for the higher heart rate. I can try to find an example for you?


that’s what I think I’ll do. Run as much as possible within parameters then explain deviation to the coach. Maybe remove the speed work or play with the workout wizard for that specific week If I see it’s impossible to find anything flat to run on.

I’m not sure I understand “the example” you are referring to (english isn’t my first language) but if you think it helps me I’m all for it. Thanks in advance