Conflicting AI feedback

Today’s run gave me what seems to be conflicting feedback:

The load was much higher than planned, but also I was very close to the target intensity? :face_with_monocle:

I’m not sure what I did wrong. I did notice my threshold values updated recently, which shifted my prescribed HR values around some. It seems like the bot doesn’t like it when I stay in the new ranges (which are a bit higher). Or I guess maybe it’s estimating the load based on an average HR exactly in the middle of the prescribed HR zone and so averaging towards one end or another skews the load? But staying in zone and managing to skew the load by almost 50% seems odd.

Appreciate any thoughts on this one!


Hey just quick thought after reading this. I don’t know if your workout was aerobic base run, or anything else in it. But even if you stay within the targeted intensity zone and run a bit longer, it will add up as added load.
So intensity wise you were within targets. what about duration?

It was nominally SE, and duration was bang-on. So not that!