Unleashing the Workout Wizard: Your Guide to Fitness Mastery and Exercise Excellence

Unleashing the Workout Wizard: Your Guide to Fitness Mastery and Exercise Excellence

Thank you for your bug report. Can you please upload screenshots that show the problem you are experiencing?

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I can only select other types of workouts such as 'meditation, bike ore swimming recovery' but not other types of the same sport

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I still have problems selecting different workouts (for example running tomorrow...)

@giuseppe85 thanks for that. We’ve made a small change that could fix the problem. Can you please try again for us?

@paul I’m having the same issue on mobile (iPhone 14, Safari browser, tried the various tabs (Fatigue, etc) with no luck). No issues on desktop, though. Able to select anything I want.

Hello again I have problems with WORKOUT WIZARD...! For example, I would like to change the

Bike session on Saturday, August 5th (from Race Pace to MIT 7'/2' but
He won't let me!
For other sessions (regardless of discipline..) it works regularly but
Not at all and I don't know why!

@giuseppe85 I wonder if it has to do with your workout reserve depleting 100% … @paul ?

@giuseppe85 this has been a challenge for us as we’ve had to track down your specific iPhone model to investigate. We have done so and made some changes that may solve the issue but we’ll need you to check. Would you kindly do so for us and report back?

Non è il

mio iPhone il problema! Accade anche ma

Macbook e Pc Acer..

Hi, I can't select different workouts from the Workout wizard.

When I click I do not see either the powers or the heart rate ranges (in addition to not being able to select the workout..) only this writing appears

I can scroll and I can view the workouts but I can't choose them;
And I can't even see the Power and heart rate values of the various repeats; when I click on the window of each workout compare only the writing of how much “reserve” will be used in that session.

iPhone XS and Macbook pro

@marjaana It can be! In fact, if I select “relax or Yoga” it selects me! So what? Is it a bug? What could I do to get around it?

@paul no! I have the same problem! Many

I can't change them sessions!! Both this and next week!


[attach]16[/attach] [attach]17[/attach] [attach]18[/attach]

When I click on the

Window appears to me

Written "info on the "reserve" and I can't see any data besides not being able to select the workout