Workout Reserve Always 99.9%

I can’t get my workout reserve to work on my Garmin 840. I am using a trainer with power data and I’m not sure why the datafield doesn’t change.

I have installed the datafield in Connect IQ multiple times with the same result. After I install the datafield, I add it to a profile datascreen. Connect IQ prompts me to log on to Athletica via the Connect IQ app without any problems. After ~5 minutes I get the funky tone that my workout reserve data has downloaded. When I start a new workout, it stays at 99.9%

I appreciate any troubleshooting suggestions!

You need to pair the trainer as a power meter as well else the IQ data field will not see the power. Native fields will see power regardless.

Oh, and no need to keep reinstalling it. If it remains at 99% means it can’t see power. Not unique to this data field, I’ve seen it reported for various IQ data fields that want power. The pairing as power meter seems to be the fix from what I’ve read.



Thanks, that did the trick. I had only paired my trainer as a trainer and not also as a power meter. Once I paired it as a power meeting, the WR started working.

Now to figure out how to use the data…


Great stuff, have fun learning how to get the most out of it.