Connect IQ Workout Reserve Data Field Frequently Asked Questions

I’m putting this here to capture any frequently asked questions and hints and tips for the Garmin IQ Workout Reserve Data Field.

Please try and comment / post elsewhere if it’s just general questions and keep this thread clean for hopefully as place to find simple clear answers to those questions.


#1 Why can’t I find the Workout Reserve data field on Connect IQ?

The data field is built for compatible devices only. If your device model has not been added to the compatible devices list, then it won’t appear in Connect IQ on your mobile or the Connect IQ app on your device.

At the moment the data field is beta for cycling only, and thus compatible devices is restricted to Edge models from the 530,830 etc onwards. Earlier Edge models do not support the feature set or resources required for the data field to function.

Running beta is coming soon, at which point it’ll begin to appear for watches. Look out for the announcement if you are a beta user.

#2 What does beta mean?

It means that, whilst it is fully functional, it is a first public version and there may be bugs that surface on particular device models. Though it has proven stable and reliable in the run up to beta, anyone who installs the data field needs to be aware of this. In Garmin IQ if a data field stops working it doesn’t crash your device (it just shows IQ!) and your activity should complete and record just fine.

#3 Hints and tips for installation

  1. Make sure you have your paired phone and Garmin Device in front of you. With Connect and and Connect IQ installed
  2. Read the data field install instructions and for further info watch the video.
  3. Turn battery saver off on your Garmin device. Battery saver reduces communication frequency between your device and your phone. If your device goes to sleep it won’t be talking to Athletica.
  4. Once you have installed the data field you must also add it to either one of your existing data screens or add a new data screen. You’ll find it listed under IQ at the bottom of the list of data fields.
  5. Once you have authorised the data field keep your phone and device turned on for at least 15 minutes or till you hear the 5 note tone. Garmin restricts the data field from making a web call to Athletica to a minimum of once every 5 minutes. After authorisation, the data field has to make 3 more calls to Athletica to convert the authorisation into access and obtain your WR profile the first time.
  6. Once you hear the 5 note tone, you are good to start using the data field. The WR data field display (if you are looking at it on your device) will change from -O- to 100% at this point.

If the data field install says queued in Connect IQ and seems to be going nowhere, either power your device on and off, or restart the Garmin IQ app. That seems to clear the issue.

  • Once you have successfully authorised the data field, try not to uninstall / reinstall the data field. This action may cause you to need to start from scratch. Just be patient the first time.
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#4 The WR data field seems to be stuck on 99.9% / 100%

The data field requires power data for cycling. If you do not have a power meter source (or the sensor is disconnected from your device) , then you will get this symptom.

For running (when it reaches beta), it will not need a power meter source and instead uses your pace data.

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#5 THE WR data field shows PROFILE N/A

The data field is currently only for cycling (beta) and soon running (beta). If you install it on a data screen for a different activity type and try and use it, then this is what you will see.

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#6 The WR data field shows NO PROFILE

This means that you have not completed the initial steps to authorise and download your WR profile for the first time. Please see Connect IQ Workout Reserve Data Field Frequently Asked Questions - #4 by Phil

Please be patient the first time and don’t turn your device off too early.

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#7 How often is my WR profile updated on the device

Once your WR profile has been downloaded / updated by the data field, then it will not try and update it again for another 10 hours. If your device is turned off then it won’t be updating. This saves the data field draining your device’s battery, but being frequent enough to pick up updates at the time of your next workout.

After the first time, updates usually occur within 5 minutes of turning on and can be as fast at 10 seconds in some cases. If your device has WIFI then the data field can use that for updates, provided you have not started an activity, otherwise it needs to go through Garmin Connect on your paired phone.

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#8 Do I need to wait for WR profile updates to start my activity

If you start an activity before an update, then it will use the WR profile last downloaded. This may mean that the minimum WR reserve figure is slightly lower than what the website shows you, if you set any personal records in your last session. The data field will still try and update the profile in the background during your activity, if you have your paired phone with you.

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#9 Do I need to take my phone with me during an activity for the data field to work

No, the data field only uses the phone connection to obtain your latest WR profile. During an activity you can choose to leave your phone behind if you choose and the data field will work just fine.

The data field checks for the phone’s presence (or WIFI connection if a device supports it) and won’t try and contact Athletica if there’s no phone or Internet connection. Thus is won’t drain your device’s battery trying. If you have your phone with you, but you know there will be no phone signal, then it may be worth putting in aeroplane mode or turning Bluetooth off. Your device knows if there’s a blue tooth connection available to Connect on the phone, it doesn’t know if the phone has an Internet connection.

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#10 Why doesn’t the data field calculate the WR profile, saving having the downloads

Calculating your Workout Reserve profile is much more computationally intensive, requiring far more resources, memory and data than the data field is allowed. Plus I think its CPU would struggle somewhat. That’s why it is left to the Athletica servers to work their magic.


#11 How do I know if I used my latest WR profile during my activity?

In the activity stats tab in Garmin Connect, it will show both the mWR calculated by the data field, as well as the date of the WR profile used.

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#12 I heard the download tone during my activity but the profile date is from yesterday

When you start an activity, then the current WR profile is loaded for the calculations. If a newer profile is downloaded mid activity then it will not be loaded and used for the current activity. It will be saved for your next activity. This provides stability and consistency in the calculations.

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#13 The mWR showing in Garmin Connect is different to mWR on Athletica

The main reason may be that the website has subsequently calculated a newer WR profile than the one downloaded and used by the data field. Another reason is that the data field has to make decisions in real time during its calculations. Because of limited memory and resources it also can’t change its mind when the next bit of power or pacing data becomes available to it. The website calculates mWR with visibility of the full activity data plus has many weeks history of your activities. It may be possible it makes a slightly different decision in its calculations.

During testing we saw very close alignment within a percentage point or so. Be aware the data field also shows the mWR to one decimal place (more on website) on Connect whilst Athletica rounds to an integer value.

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Thanks @Phil, this is amazing. You’re a rockstar! :metal:

#14 I have the basic display on my device but would like to also see live WR duration on my device.

Open up Connect IQ on your phone. Tap on your connected device, then data fields, then Workout Reserve. There’s a setting option. Change first option to advanced display. You can do this mid activity if you like, changing it to advanced or basic, and your device display will update immediately. The WR duration is calculated live in the background regardless of the display setting.

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#15 What does it mean when the screen shows shows -0- , -1- or -2-

-0- This means that the data field has yet to download your first Workout Reserve profile for this activity
-1- This means the data field downloaded your Workout Reserve profile for this activity but considered it to be invalid (wrong format / invalid values for it to be able to process and use)
-2- This means you have added the data field to a Garmin activity profile which is not supported .


Searching thru the discussions and can’t find a reason for continuing to have a -0- in the data field for my runs? WR is in my data fields but never changes from -0- during runs. Any feedback is appreciated.

I take it you completed the authorisation step successfully (and didn’t cancel) as per the instructions? Please comment with every step you’ve done so far, leaving out no detail.

The Connect IQ FAQ thread is where you’ll find what -0- on the display means.

I just uninstalled and reinstalled again. Went through every step IAW the video and directions in connect IQ, looks like everything went correctly and I am just waiting to get the tone that it is fully loaded. Thanks!

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