Workouts not syncing to Garmin

My workouts just will not sync to my Forerunner 965. I have deleted the connection on both sides and linked again from Athletica. The training selector is one but no workout is pushed. If I push them manually they do come in.
I remember when testing Athletica first I said I did not want it, so that might have to do something with it.

Any suggestions to get it working?

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Hey @Antonie
In your Plan Settings (go to settings-profile-plan settings)

Are your Garmin settings “automatically sync….” All toggled on?

If not, then you need to always manually push the workout to your watch. If they are already toggled on, then perhaps @Prof can report a bug?



That was wrong. Thanks a lot!!

Marjaana via Athletica Forum schreef op 23-02-2024 om 12:59:


Yay :grin: glad it worked out

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