Zwift Workout export - tweaks


Been using the .zwo export option and had a couple of comments/thoughts that may or may not be possible to implement but I think would improve the experience.

1. FTP / Workout weeks : rather than exporting a block with a target power instead make these 'free ride' - otherwise the only option is really to try and use the bias +/- % which is kinda a pain when trying to do a 20 min max effort. Far better on FTP tests to allow these to be free ride.

2. On VO2Max intervals there is a pretty broad range in the workout description but the .zwo export seems to pick almost the upper limit. I have zero chance of finishing say the 8 sets of 40/20's on the default .zwo upper range and end up having to move it to 80% bias. Why not pick the median point of the range as a starting point for Power/HR targets.


Thanks. Like the suggestion and will look into tweaking.