Ability to combine multiple completed sessions


I am really enjoying using the training thus far and am finding it super intuitive and helpful. One question I have, would it be possible to have a feature that allows for multiple completed sessions to be combined. For example, when riding in zwift often I will warm up before an event and then ride the event. This creates two workout files, one for the warmup and one for the event. In the program there is only the ability to associate one of these workout files with the prescribed workout for the day. So if the prescribed workout was 90 minutes at zone two and the rider rode a 20 minute warmup before joining an event in which she or he rode 70 additional minutes, there is only the ability to associate the 70 minute workout within the program to the planned workout.

Another example may be a warm up for a run then hitting save on the watch. Starting a new run for the main workout, hitting save. And a third run for the cooldown. It would be great to combine all of those into one longer workout that would fall within compliance of the training plan rather than having three separate workouts.


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Hi @MHughes,
Please try this feature at the bottom of any training session that is completed after going to Details and Analysis.
Screen Shot 2023-12-28 at 6.22.15 PM

Hey Prof,

Thanks for the quick reply. I have tried the feature and every time my screen ends up looking like the screenshot you included where the boxes are grey and then I scroll the mouse over the box the red circle with a line through it shows up.

Thanks again for all of the help and support.



Here is a second screenshot showing the two completed workouts from that day.

I have the same problem with the text “No session available to pair with”. Would be nice to be able to pair sessions as described

Hi @Torehm … can you please provide more info so I can look into it? What day, what sessions are you looking to pair, etc?

I could basically copy what OP said, because my problem is exactly what was described. To use an example from Tuesday I had two separate zwift events that imports individually to athletica, but I went directly from one event to another so in reality it was one session. In addition, I had an outdoor ride, and when summarizing those three sessions it would almost equal the prescribed workout in time. As of now I usually swap the sessions to the longest one or the one with the highest load, but it would be nice to combine them. When looking back at earlier sessions the “pair with” is always greyed out.

This isn’t a big problem since I can summarize them myself, and I guess Athletica also sees the total load, but it would be nice to combine the once that in reality belongs together.


Okay thanks @Torehm @MHughes . I think I’m getting it. So the dev request is the ability to better combine multiple workouts in relation to the prescribed workout, with specific reference to completing the day’s prescribed load. Ultimately once merged, the user would get the green light from a compliance standpoint. Correct?


Yes, that would be nice!

Yes, this would be a good feature, especially when using Zwift…I often have multiple “separate” rides which are just one ride, but zwift doesn’t like to combine rides when you are changing worlds, or going from one pacer bot to another etc.

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Agree with the above, had this same scenario on my 3hr ride on the weekend which I did in Zwift on a trainer and mixed group rides, with a race, with another group ride to help pass the time. Zwift will upload those as 3 separate rides even though I never stopped pedalling.

An interim might be the ability to be able to pair multiple sessions with one training session (though, the logic in the end behind the scenes would be the same I guess).

Why is this important? After riding for 3-4hrs, I want that damn light green shading to make it feel all worthwhile :wink: … in all seriousness, the red/green/orange shading is the one gamification component in the App, so it becomes (way more than it should) important to the user.