Zwift races and how to add them to a training plan/schedule



Just subscribed to the platform. First, some context: I am a self-coached master crit racer. During this time of the year, I like to do one Zwift race a week (between 30 to 60 minutes). This is most of the time full-out, pushing myself to the limit.

So, how do I incorporate this into the training plan? Do I create a "C" race for that? (It only seems to be possible on the weekends, not weekdays)

Please advise!



Hi Miguel. So I can have a bit more context, could you identify yourself a bit for me? For example, I did a search on the platform for your name and couldn't find a relevant account. Perhaps a small unique part of your email would help? Or send me an email message: Prof@

Hi Miguel,

Thank you for allowing me to post this to the group. It's a common question and a common practice.

So if you are doing high intensity Zwift race weekly, which is excellent practice for a master’s level crit racer, it really is more like ’training’ versus racing per se. You will note the structure of the Athletica plan more or less hits that type of stress each week with a VO2 target. We prefer giving athlete’s this stimulus using a 30/30 VO2 protocol because it is more sustainable of a practice (easier to back up the next day) with powerful results. Nevertheless, I recognize the fun part of Zwift racing.

My recommendation in your case is to simply do your Zwift race (I can see an example on your profile) instead of the prescribed VO2 session (Wednesday next week for you). You don’t even have to delete the session. Just move the VO2 session into the day you will Zwift race, and your Strava connection should import it into the right place and work out the loading (will possibly be slightly higher but similar, with subsequent days adapting accordingly).

Go well.


Thank you @Miguel for sharing your training situation. It is an excellent question! And thank you @Prof for the Athletica answer.

Hi, I have sent you an email with my details.

Hi Miguel, both for myself as a masters cyclists and for my athletes, we often use Zwift races, especially longer ones, in place of threshold workouts since average power and HR tend to be right around threshold levels. That’s another way of looking at replacing workouts with Zwift! Ride on!


And how should we add a race on a weekday?

Hello Nikolai, I’ve done a few things with Zwift racing with my athletes and myself:

  1. I create a workout for as Zwift race
  2. I move workouts around so a threshold or 30/30 workout is on the day of the race.
  3. Or just leave everything alone and let Strava upload the race as is to Athletica.

I haven’t noticed a difference in the way Athletica responds to these, although there may be something I don’t know about yet. Rereading your question, though, is that you don’t need to add a Zwift race as a Race in Athletica. You just do it as a workout.

I hope that helps!

Perhaps I posted my question in the wrong thread. How should I add a A, B, or C race on a weekday?

Hi @Stenfors ,
Currently this option is unavailable and is in development. For now, please choose the weekend date closest to (i.e., Sunday before or Saturday after) and DM me the details. Then if you’re okay I’ll go into your account and give you my suggestions.