New Athletica connections

Many have been asking for a connector to Zwift which allows automatic upload of planned sessions. Unfortunately we have been asking for more than a year to have an integration, but have been told that each integration is custom for Zwift so they only focus on the largest companies. We were told last summer that they would have a better solution for companies like Athletica by the beginning of 2024. With their recent announcement of additional layoffs that now seems unlikely (we can always hope!).

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In the meantime we have been working with a few other up-and-coming partners in this space. The first is biketerra. They have a nice and simple interface which is engaging and adaptive. I personally don’t love Zwift’s busy interface (with all the thumbs up, leaderboards, metrics, etc. I never quite know where to look). Biketerra is a nice, clean and minimalist experience.

They connect via iOS and computer through a browser (no download required) if you have an ANT+ adapter and it is pretty simple to set up. The best feature for me, is that Athletica is the first training plan platform integrated, so I quickly paired my account and my day’s workout was ready to go.

It’s important to note that when you choose a map and follow your Athletica workout, the video becomes just scenery and your SmartTrainer will follow the workout in ERG mode, but you can switch to the biketerra ride in SIM mode.

You get a bunch of different camera angles that make it fun.

And you get a decent workout summary at the end.

Biketerra is in beta right now, so it’s free or you can upgrade to the early bird pricing of $5 per month which unlocks a few features. It’s worth checking out if you aren’t into Zwift or other similar platforms.


Awesome! Thanks @MarkB!

Since we’re talking about alternatives, have you used any others? Rouvy comes to mind, but I’m sure there are a few in the indoor cycling space…

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Rouvy and Fullgaz are the other big ones. We are in the process of integrating with IndieVelo as well which is very similar to Zwift.


We have also done an integration with icTrainer which I did a brief test on last week.

It feels like a sort of “early TrainerRoad” meets “early Sufferfest” meets “” meets “1980’s fluorescent spandex colors”. Lots of possible workouts and a selection of riding videos to watch while you ride. I used it on an Android tablet and was a little overwhelmed by the amount of data and colors, but for data nerds that want a detailed dashboard while they ride, this is a good one to check out.

They have downloadable apps on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, a 30-day free trial and around $25 per year in this early beta stage. They connect to Athletica so you can ride your Athletica scheduled workout very easily.


Unfortunately all my teammates are on Zwift and I’m actually quite a fan of all the things, but it’s pretty easy for me to download the zwo and add to custom workouts.


I’m a zwifter as well. Level 46 makes it difficult to walk away now…. :facepunch:t2: :joy: I also have a large library of Athletica workouts so every time I open the app, they are already there. If you like zwift but don’t like to download each workout - maybe spend half an hour downloading a bunch of them on one go and then you have them in your library :wink:


What a lovely mindset reference to start a lovely Friday! I will chuckle about it a couple of times today I am sure :hugs:


Hey all, Biketerra dev here.

@MarkB thanks so much for mentioning us! We’re super happy with how the Athletica Workouts integration turned out. Athletica’s API is nicely designed, so kudos to your team for that.

Just thought it’s worth mentioning that our Routes feature is also quite relevant.

You can upload your own routes. So if you wanted to ride a favorite local route virtually, or preview the route for an upcoming race, those are all possible :slight_smile:

Multiplayer in on the roadmap… i.e. group rides and/or group workouts.

Happy to answer any questions!



Thanks @biketerra I’ll definitely check out the Routes feature next ride. We really appreciate the integration work.

I guess alot of users will may jump on Mywhoosh over summer (since Zwift is expensive) - and they have just one option (trainer-road) to send workouts via API.
May its a smart move to drop a integration (also for advertisement) since also Mac/ATV and the App is coming out/or in beta.

I btw. found you just via ictrainer.

@biketerra interesting application you build there, I will have a checkout. Thanks :slight_smile:
edit: nice and fluid import from the athletica api <3


Thank you @Fabs. I have reached out to whoosh.

@Fabs Thanks for giving Biketerra a try!

If you have any feedback or improvement ideas, we’re all ears :slight_smile:


basically for me such an easy software would be awesome - if two factors work like a charm:

  • Riding with friends
  • Riding custom workouts with friends, e.g. I host a session, upload a custom workout (e.g. an athletica workout) and all can just join and ride it.
    Something which is still not working on zwift etc, at least not an easy way.

If such an easy software could solve it = gamechanger


Hi Fabs,

I regularly ride with my friends on Zwift and we do custom meetups where they are banded and we all select our workout of choice before the ride begins. It seems to work quite well and is easy. Unfortunately this doesn’t work in club rides. was this missing what you were getting at?

yes I do the same…
Its a pain that everyone has to load the workout and if its a cusom workout everyone has to upload it.
If you are not on a computer, there is no easy solution to upload workouts (if yo cant use the subscription based trainingpeaks,…)

So what I often have to do is login for friends on computer, drop the custom workout, start the client once, so they can e.g. join it via phone.

That all would be a nice feature:

  • Easy software
  • Easy custom-workout host :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway mentioning this “work-around” for zwift :slight_smile:

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Ah, I understand now! Sorry I misunderstood you I think. Usually my group of friends we are all doing different stuff that day so it’s a non factor, but I completely understand what you mean now.

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@Fabs Roger that, multiplayer is on the roadmap :slight_smile:

Since you can already upload your own routes, being able to ride those routes with friends (and do group workouts) is going to be pretty neat.

I was just trying your service so i started in chrome, connected my equipment (worked fine) and started padelling…
It isnt loading any visual ridings as shown in the screenshot:

On your website there is no contact button whatsover, so i have no idea how to reach out to ur team. May you want to add contact details on the website?
Do you know why it isnt loading any visuals? thanks alot

Oh wow, we’ll get this squared away… could you email hello [at] biketerra dot com?