Additional option for Day time constraints

Can we add “Every day” to the list of days of the week?

I currently don’t have more than 1 hour a day to train. Of course I can just stop at an hour, but I’d like Athletica to take that into consideration when building and adjusting my plan. If it’s not enough, then I’m sure I’ll see a warning.

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Have you set your maximum weekly hours to 7 hours? That will also help.

Hi Phil!

Yes, 0-7 hours per week are the boundaries that I’ve given Athletica. What ends up happening is that I get 3 sessions that are less than an hour and then 1 that’s over an hour.

I understand why. This is endurance training and I need to get the time on the bike / run in there, but over the next couple of months I won’t be able to do more than an hour in a day.

In which case I would just set each individual day to max 1 hour then and see how it does. Then if it still can’t keep under an hour just do an hour and let it adapt rather than you.

I was being a lazy user and wanted to be able to select 1 option to rule them all!

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