Aerobic development heart rate range is raising

In the last weeks the range for this kind of workout has been raising. It was between 119 - 136 2 weeks ago, and under 132 bpm one month ago

I had a 5k race last saturday and the threshold was raised ( I did not perform well in my test week so it was expected )

what I didn’t expected is the range of aerobic development being raised again to 126 ~ 145 bpm range. I definitely can run for very long at 145 bpm, but at 145 I have the feeling it’s more L3 than L2. For now I keep it around 132 that’s how I feel it is very easy.

is it the right way to interpret the range ?

Hey @headgeek ,
Yes - you raised your ceiling with that run and shifted your zones accordingly. Agree with you to trust your feel and keep easy steady around 132. Really important to keep stress at bay. We’ll work towards more individualization of the lower zone markers in the future.