AI Coach Summary (Beta)


This is a beta feature that dropped in as a new feature for me this week.

Thought I’d share its comments it made before and after I’d added my own feedback on my unplanned session today.

Before I’d given my own feedback.


After I’d indicated it was a recovery ride, and that I was feeling back to normal. Pretty impressed it picked on the fact I’d said it was recovery and I was feeling back to normal with low RPE. Plus it commented on my aerobic decoupling being good, which I hadn’t looked at.


I like what I see so far.


Very neat new feature! I'm going to look over the data from my last session and narrate it to myself like that ????


Its commentary on a Strength Endurance session after I’d given my own feedback.


Thanks everyone. We really appreciate the feedback on these. It isn't always perfect but we continue to iterate in the hopes of getting better each time. Agree this is pretty novel that we don't see elsewhere.


I love it, it is excellent. It needs to be tweaked so that the Z2 sessions we do on HR are reported based on HR target vs pace target; see below.

[attach]86[/attach] [attach]87[/attach]

Is the AI coach only looking at the session data to provide feedback? It would be interesting to see a comparison with the scheduled workout.

Above, the text mentions the pace zones and what the focus looked like (threshold), was that the session objective?

As I wrote this reply I see that @jerome mentioned this already, it was a HR Z2 session. ????

yes it was an HR Z2 session


The reported minimum workout reserve value reported in the AI coach is often one percent higher from that reported in session summary stats at bottom. I suspect a likely rounding difference.

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