Athlete Profiling Primer Mini-Course

We’ve proudly launched a new free mini-course that teaches the science and application of the anaerobic speed and power reserve. We’re calling it your Athlete Profiling Primer!

This free email course will teach you how to:

  • Build effective speed/power profiles
  • Avoid common athlete profiling pitfalls
  • Match athlete profiles with targeted training strategies
  • Predict performance in real time using speed or power profiles

Course outline:

Day 1: Essentials Of Speed/Power Profiling (In Endurance And Team Sports)
Day 2: Real-World Applications Of Speed/Power Profiling (To Give Athletes The Performance Edge)
Day 3: Common Speed/Power Profiling Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)
Day 4: How to Establish Effective Speed/Power Profiles (And Understand Your Athletes Better)
Day 5: Advanced Speed/Power Profiling Applications (To Unlock Ongoing Peak Performance)

Follow this link to take the free course now.