Auto-populated user workout library


The workout wizard is excellent, but sometimes I just want a different workout. I would love to have my workout library populated with the Athletica workouts.

That way I don't have to go and find a session I like, save it to library and then insert it on the day I'd like to do it on. Especially helpful if I wanted to add a S&C workout, or a 5Km TT or even just a SE session rather than creating my own and then customizing it.

Good request with thank @jesse

You wouldn’t want all the workouts in there. Maybe have the ability to favourite to add workouts to your library. But rather than being static, when you bring them up, the AI could automatically adjust their load to match the current days planned load.

@phil Athletica already does this. When I add workouts from my library (either created by myself or saved from the calendar on anther day/week), they are automatically adjusted to be load appropriate.

@jesse think that might be Athletica generated workouts (saved to your library) only but happy to be proven wrong. For beta users you’ll also see the lock symbol. If the lock symbol is locked then that session is locked. If its open, then its game for adj

@prof I did add some 12 hour sessions to my library back in Oct. I didn’t see the AI adjust them. Which makes sense, because if it’s a personally created one, it’s because I want it that duration and mix of intensities etc.

@prof Ahh, I see. As I recall, that’s what it was. Saved Athletica workouts that I was inserting into the week. Haven’t taken the time to create my own detailed workouts, just quick ones with time and objective specified.

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