Bike Interval Question

When it comes to Strength Endurance and HIIT intervals, should those intervals be done holding the aero position or in the upright position?

This week for example, I’ve got:

  1. 11 min at L3a-L3b intensity (SE day)
  2. 30 sec in what I’ll call my z5 intensity.

On the SE days, since the power range is more race pace, but not cadence, I’ve held to aero as long as I could before having to move upright

On HIIT days, I’ve not attempted this in aero because I’m typically trying to spin up to 100 rpm for these.

Just curious if there’s a “best practice” for these sessions. My goal is to prepare myself for middle/long distance triathlon.


I use a TT bike for my training and do my threshold intervals in aero and will alternate sets of HIIT in and out of aero. Add a little specificity into my training to help prepare of various outdoor situations.

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That’s generally what I’ve been doing as well, right down to having the TT bike.

I’ve just been less inclined to try and hold the HIIT intervals given the power is so far above FTP.

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Hi @MattS06,
Your intuition serves you well IMO.
SE bike sessions - definitely do these in aero. You’re simulating that dull achey feeling of grinding out the power over the longer distances in the aero position.
VO2 sessions - different target here now (heart, lungs, muscles). Purpose really is to find any way you can to produce the power that’s being asked (Z5/6) with HR towards max (Z4/5). So a mix of aero, hoods, and standing in accordance with the power objectives.