Cannot click 'Save and Update Training Plan' in the Athlete Settings Page


I’m trying out Athletica as a coach. I have one athlete setup in the platform. When I login, whether thru Web or Mobile, I have a message ‘XXX doesnt yet have a training plan created. Please visit their settings page to get started’.

I go to their Settings page and regardless of the values I input in the form I cant get to be able to click on ‘Save and Update Training Plan’ (on web) or ‘Save and Update’ (on mobile).

Scenario to reproduce the problem:

  • in the athlete settings page (, I set:
  • About you > Sport = Running, Training Volume = Low. At that stage I cannot hit save.
  • Then I scroll down and do Thresholds > Default > Default HR = 175. I still cannot hit save.
  • Then I scroll down and click ‘Races’ in ‘Races or Train to Maintain’. I cannot hit save here either.

So basically I couldnt figure out a way to save the athlete settings.

Any help/suggestion would be appreciated. Cheers.

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Hi again @pierre. Very strange. I had no issues setting up your athlete with a sample plan. In the future, please include a screenshot of the error message you are receiving and post this under ‘bugs’.