Cannot pair race with run

I have a race listed as a session on my calendar (B), but the session with the race data is grayed out when trying to pair. Any ideas? Thanks.

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@Nicholle Is it possible to use the “Swap with” button, in the analysis/details pane, to assign your race session data to the Race Session and not with the platform session Athletica initially created for it?
If that doesn’t help is it possible to post a screen shot of the day in your training plan with the two sessions along with a screen shot or description of the bottom buttons in the analysis pane if you are unable to swap session data.

Hopefully the swap function solves the issue :disguised_face:

PS Welcome to the Athletica forums!

Thanks you for the reply and welcome! Unfortunately, the swap button is also grayed out. I tried the hamburger buttons on each session, but no options there either. I tried to attach two screenshots, but the system says only one is allowed. You’ll have to trust me that the swap and pair are both gray/unavailable to use. This is what my two sessions look like. The race was listed in my list of races in settings.

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Good Morning @Nicholle
First off super congrats on your race!!! It looks like you smashed it all the way around.

Thanks for posting the snips; after taking a bit of time to look at your images I went into mine and checked a previous race day to see what it looked like unfortunately, I hadn’t entered it as a race so it just looked like a hero session for the day which was no help. I then looked into my next race day sessions and had a couple of revelations.
First off when I click on the detail entry in the race session Atheltica just spins and spins like it is trying to bring up some details but isn’t able to. I then noticed there were no Load or forecast performance metrics which leads me to believe that the race day entry is more of a placeholder than an actual planned session with embedded metrics.
Thinking about it further, from a personal perspective, Race day effort is going to be varied for every athlete, conditions, length of race etc and leaving off any forecast metrics for the event allows the athlete to reflect and celebrate their accomplishment and not contrast it against what is “expected” of them. Thereby losing some of the greatness in their achievement if it is not aligned with what a system is projecting.
With that in mind, some athletes/coaches may want some performance projection to be able to compare and contrast while having takeaways to work on moving into the next race.
Both approaches have tremendous value.

I will defer to @Prof and the team to comment on Athletica’s philosophy and how/if a change to Race day sessions could look in the future or if I have overlooked anything.

One more Hi-Five on your Half Marathon Race!!

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I’m having exactly the same snag with bike race results: recorded as an unplanned intense workout, and the race session grayed out. It would also be cool if we could enter some information about our planned races (is it mostly climbing? time trialing? a short crit or a soul crushing endurance fest?) and have that reflected in some of our workouts. Or maybe we can and I missed it. Clever people, please give guidance. Super half marathon by @Nicholle!

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@unicycle57 Welcome to the Athletica Forums!

Do you have a coach account for your personal “athlete” (you) account?

The coaching portal allows customized sessions and several other weekly planning benefits. I would recommend creating a coach account and associating it with your athlete account to manage your daily/weekly sessions.
Once you have the coach portal you can modify details on the race session including adding details around the race (HR/Pace zone time, WU, CD etc), you can also after the description of the race/session have your notes etc that may be relevant to your preparation or reflection after the event.

@Nicholle This may also work for you, and other interested athletes both recursively and proactively, if you enter your goal pace/HR etc into the details to be able to see how you actually stacked up against your forecast for the race.

@Marjaana @SimpleEnduranceCoach Maybe this idea may be useful from a coaching perspective as well for your athletes on their race days. I would find value in reviewing my B/C race performances with a coach leading up to my A races.

@Prof not sure if there is a quantifiable difference in how the platform assesses an unplanned session Vs a planned session; both with subjective feedback inputs? Thinking comparative vs. non-comparative session analysis for the athlete and coach.

Happy Monday everyone!


Happy Monday to you @Cubicfunction and really appreciate your inputs.

No difference in unplanned vs planned assessment. Load is load as far as Athletica is concerned today…

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It’s never matched my on the day session to any events I’ve put in the calendar. In fact the AI coach called my Sat event actual an unplanned session, which isn’t true. But in terms of the effect of the effort on future planned training, it doesn’t matter whether it’s matched or not, as @Prof stated to me a while back.

I suppose it’s just that the AI may not learn what your actual event loads may look like at different points of the year so it can forecast load better. My event loads certainly follow a seasonal pattern.


Thanks for this @cubicfunction. As a coach, I don’t actually describe the race day sessions. Here’s my thinking:

  1. Race is always a function of race day maximum effort, whether is a 5K Run or an Ironman. To me, duration, pace/power is not important, because I know the athlete will do her/his best given the conditions on the day.
  2. I want the athlete to have the freedom to listen to her/his body without constraints from expectations from me.
  3. I encourage my athletes to make a race plan, and we go through it together. Pacing is of course one aspect of this, and goal time may or may not be discussed. We make a plan but we’re ok to throw it out if needed.
  4. Race day - anything is possible. I encourage my athletes to reflect on all the possible scenarios that can happen and be prepared to solve them on the go. The only thing we can control is our minds, but we can prepare for many possible scenarios.
  5. Athletica will take into account a session, whether it is planned or unplanned. The only thing I recommend is to start and stop the watch for warm-up and cool-downs separately, so we have the race file separate for analysis.
  6. We can use the power and running pace profiles to help us develop a race pacing plan. I think we’ve talked a little bit about it on The Athlete’s Compass Podcast (I believe the episode is coming up in February '24),
  7. Using B and C races as prep and gauging how pacing is holding up to A race goals is beneficial for sure.

Happy to offer Race prep as an add-on service if there’s interest in it :smile:


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Thanks, I’ll check it out.

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There is wisdom in your response @Marjaana I appreciate your response. :sunrise_over_mountains:


Thanks, everyone, for the thoughtful input! Honestly, I just wanted the calendar to look cleaner :slight_smile:. All the added info was very insightful, so thank you! And thank you for the race congrats.