Can't add a race

I have a team sprint triathlon coming Sunday April 14 that I’m trying to add but I’m unable to. I can only select a date from April 20 and onwards. How do I deal with this?


I have the same “issue”. Decided last weekend (7th of April) that I’m doing another race (4h XCM ride) for fun/training this weekend (14th of April). I tried to add it today but I can’t. I figure it’s because Athletica looks at your training in 1-week blocks, and you can’t change the current week anymore to suddenly be a race week. (Not sure, this is my best guess)

Since I’ve decided so last minute to do the race, it’s obviously a C priority race that’s just for training, and there is no time left to taper/peak. It’s gonna be a race that I train through. So I’m just gonna take Saturday as an easy day, do the race this Sunday instead of the prescribed 3h ride. Athletica will normally adapt the next week’s sessions, and if I feel like I need more recovery, then I’ll just take some extra easy days at the start of next week.


Thanks for your insight. I will take the same route I guess and move my 4 hour ride with a 196 load and Run of Bike with a 28 load and move it to sunday. Take the Saturday as a restday instead of Sunday. The total load of my sprint triathlon will most likely be less then the ride en rob workouts combined.

Athletica, any insight how this will change anything for the worse?

You are both doing what I do with my Athletica athletes: move the schedule around to make the race work. I did that for myself this weekend too! Athletica will adjust your subsequent training volume.

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Correct both @JoghoJogho @Aradell ,
Athletica can’t optimize a race for you if you only give it a couple weeks notice. But if you are just onboarding and doing such a race, treat it as a training race and just record the event so that the load is taken into account for subsequent events.

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