Comprehensive Rowing Support: Guidance, Tips, and Community for Rowing Enthusiasts

Comprehensive Rowing Support: Guidance, Tips, and Community for Rowing Enthusiasts

Just starting out with Athletica, history of 10+ years of training in Rowing, with a few years of Cycling in between. Really excited by the platform, having been on several platforms for Cycling over the years. One thing that defintely appealed to me was the focus/science behind the "top end" stuff. However was just wondering and it might need some new features, how nicely will this play applied to Rowing?

In particular I'm probably looking to focus all Zone5+ stuff on the rowing ergometer, but probably bulking out the rest of my time Zone2- on the bike (just for my own circumstances, i appreciate the lack of specificity isn't optimal, but it's sustainable). I'm assuming without a separate category for it, this may skew the algorithms though? i.e. whilst my Cycling and Rowing vo2Max are relatively close, my "all-day" paces are drastically different.

Would i be better simply excluding all/any bike rides from the training log, and only including the power data from the ergometer? Or will it work out ok as is? Or will the programme even include power data from the ergometer at all?

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Hey there and welcome. These are great questions. While rowing is on our dev list (one of our developers is an international rower so don't worry!), it is still down the way a bit. Nevertheless, Athletica will accept both rowing and cycling training. In fact your method of mixing rowing and cycling is sound, and we used this method successfully in the New Zealand Olympic team through recent cycles. While power and heart rate is used to calculate cycling load, only HR is currently accepted as a load marker for rowing.

While your case hasn't specifically been attempted to my knowledge, I would experiment with one of the low or mid volume cycling plans and supplement with your rowing on the off days. Let us know how you go!