Core Sensor Implementation?

Hey everyone. I am wondering if there are plans to implement the use of the core body sensor into the algorisms? I use it and so do a lot of my athletes. Super useful stuff and just wanted to float the question.
I could see it useful for determining session stress, of course heat adaptation, and aligning the temperature to HRV.


Hey Tyler,
Thanks for that. Core is definitely on our radar in terms of future sensors we’d like to consider and agree it could be interesting to look at alongside HR and HRV. I’ll tag our backend guru @Andrea here to the message so he can at least be aware of the potential and yourself and others using this device in terms of pilot data. Thanks again so much for flagging with us.


Awesome thanks guys!!

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Dear @TylerC thanks for the suggestion.

We keep our eyes open to any kind of tech we can integrate in our platform. When we say that, we do not only refer to an integration in terms of displaying the variables, but we strive to use those variables to guide the training prescription. This is particularly relevant for our users that do not have a human coach using Athletica.

On this note, for example, we are on our way to leverage RHR/HRV for adjusting the training sessions. However, in this case, there is a substantial literature that can guide us in the development of this “integration”. We know what modifications we need to make if/when RHR/HRV are going off the rails also based on the training block the athletes are in.

So, I’d be very curious to know in more detail how you use core body sensor to tune the upcoming sessions (no only during the sessions). Can you point us in a direction, maybe with some scientific or non-scientific literature and readings?

Thanks so much :pray:

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Hey thanks for reaching out. I’d start with their website. They have almost too much on there lol.

I use it in a number of ways. The most common way is to perform heat training but I do find that some people get more fatigued than others. Some people can do their training on an endurance ride/run while others can’t without taking some time to recover after. I haven’t been able to prove that yet through data but I know it’s there in the HRV data/HR. I just don’t have the ability to run a test with all that data.
They only recommend 1 hour per session of heat training.

Another way that I use it is to identify training areas for your different efforts (endurance, easy, threshold, etc…). Here I can give athletes guidelines to follow in a race for example to help prevent them from going too far into the red. I can absolutely see something like this implemented a little easier than HRV.

I find that as the temperatures get very hot/cold this become much more important across disciplines. I am sorry that I don’t have “scientific” sources for you from Core but instead only really have personal trial and errors to share with you. here is their blog that has some good things. CORE - News, training guides and product info (

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… that’s how we get started @TylerC. Also for our reference @Andrea

so looking at the chart you shared I wonder if my fatigue question is going to be answered soon with this