I won my AG at Morro Bay 70.3 and I am going to Lahti




We are thrilled to receive your report. Huge congrats from the entire team at Athletica. Its stories like yours that keep us motivated.

Please keep careful watch over your PF. Remember to do lots of stretching specifically in the PF region along with activities that calm the nervous system.

Of note we have a new feature being worked on hard in the backend that should solve the mode specific programming you refer to.

All the best moving forward to WC and keep us posted please on your progress.


Congrats @jerome, that's an amazing achievement!

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Hi Mark,

You need to give me access to the google form. Here is the message I got when I click on it.

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@jerome - sorry, hadn't set up the permissions correctly. You should be able to get in now (please let me know if it is still not working).

Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4cMB4ez_Sg&ab_channel=KSBYNews I am at 38-41 secs. I was starting the second run loop. Already pretty beaten. Then at 45-49 with Mike at the arrival and then, they kept us in the background for few more secs.


@jerome Thanks for filling out the form. We've uploaded it to our carousel on our website (http://localhost/nehe_Kroriwal/new_discourse/wordpress/athletes/) and will run something on our socials in the next few days. Congrats again on your hard work and success!

Hi Paul and all

I wanted to share that I won my AG at Morro Bay 70.3, and I will race 70.3 WC in Lahti, Finland, my 4th 70.3 WC in a row, but it is the first time I won my AG in a 70.3. I just changed AG this year, and it helped, but Athletica.ai training made it happen.

I started following the plan in March (before that, I was traveling in NZ for work and so I was mainly exercising vs. training on my bike most of the time, on WE and after work). I was still suffering from plantar fasciitis initially, so I skipped a lot of runs and even canceled Ironman TX as I was recovering. I switched to mid-distance and mainly followed the plan but with a custom Modality Distribution as I could not reset it. It generated an error when I was setting it to blank to reset it.

Now I need to continue training for WC after my recovery week! I am still feeling my plantar, but it is much better.




Congrats!!! That’s exciting!

Congrats!! @Jerome That is an achievement to be relished and appreciated. Well deserved from your hard work for sure.

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Amazing stuff @Jerome well done.

I thought the 70.3 WC was in Taupo NZ this year, not Lahti?

I posted this last year, but there was a glitch with my registration, so it is showing up now.


Hey Jerome, congrats on this AG win. Curious if you used the full triathlon training provided i.e s/b/r workouts, here or maybe just the bike part and then freestyled your run and swim training. That’s something I do with say a TT training plan sometimes.

Thank you. - Chris


I use the whole program and followed 95% of it



For the portions you “freestyled”; did you have a measure of tracking your development/load etc
Or did you just go by subjective feel and use a tool to focus on your weakest link of the three?

When I did not follow, the plan is that I either took a day off or was traveling or something like that. I also went by feel, sometime was doing less or more depending on our I felt


… that is best for sure… with any plan

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having a lot of years training, I find I can build my swim and run pretty well. building volume, intensity and reps while decreasing the rest between (maybe). that’s what I mean by “freestyling”. the bike workouts, primarily on the trainer, is where I find the most “plan” benefit and where I’m best at strictly adhering to it. sometimes the full tri plan can be overwhelming to accommodate within the remaining life windows to train.

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