Garmin vs. Strava for data pulls?

Does it matter if Athletica is pulling from Garmin OR Strava? I’m connected to both. I only see last week retrospectively in my calendar, and nothing further back. I was under the impression that the software would be “trained” on my previous 2 years of data?

I know the connections are working, since I was able to push a workout from Athletica to Garmin connect easily, and my last week workouts populated with the “Via Strava” mark.


Hi Michael,
It doesn’t matter if you have both connected (I have both of mine connected). Athletica generally prioritizes the more detailed Garmin files but in certain cases the Strava connection works nice as a back up.
We are not yet using the last 2 years (only last 2 weeks) but going back 2 years is on our development list.

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How does this affect the AI ramp rates? I’m currently at around 45 CTL onTrainingPeaks, but with no historical data Athletica has me at 8.

I’m really trying to focus on volume so it seems like it’s low balling me and dropping hours on upcoming workouts instead of keeping it in line with the past 4-6 weeks of steady ramping I’ve been working on.

Also, glad to be trying Athletica out again. I gave it a quick try last year but it didn’t quite line up with my needs, but I’m going to stick with it at least for a few months since the plans are lining up really well with what I was hoping for.

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If you feel that your volume is too low, You have the option to increase your training volume in the program settings.

Play with the total load (low, medium, high) and customize your minimum and maximum training hours.


Oh! Totally forgot about that, thanks!


If you go into setting —> training —> about you —> advanced you can override the CTL if you know your numbers.


Is CTL universal across platforms? gives a figure within 2 of what Athletica says. I think most sites base it on very similar equations.

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They are all very similar. Trainingimpulse does a good job explaining here fyi.

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Maybe a tangential question to this, but what field are you pulling for training times?

For example, I just got done with a run. Watch time was 1:10 as the program called for and that is what is showing on my Garmin Connect. When the run was imported, it showed a 1:15 time. I’m guessing elapsed time is being imported and not workout time? I stopped for a bio break and stopped the watch/metrics, but I’m assuming Garmin has a total time field and that’s what was pulled which included the extra couple of minutes.?

I’m wondering if matching to the workout time would be more accurate since there could be a multitude of reasons to have to stop the workout for a couple minutes?

Yes - we have our own in house methods for determining your movement time. You need not worry about pressing start and stop between your workout.