Training load Athletica/Garmin not matching

Hi there,
I just finished my swim workout and Athletica says: push more your load ist only 36. Whereas Garmin claims I had a load of 189 and I’m now overreaching and should take it slow.

How is it possible that two very different results come from the same dataset? And more importantly, to which one should I listen?
Thanks, Torsten

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Hi @Torsten!

Most likely reason is that Garmin and Athletica have different thresholds to base your zones on. Different thresholds will result in different load calculations. Have you done a testing week recently? That’s a great way to make sure Athletica is current, and then you can update the Garmin thresholds to match.

As for which to listen to, choose one and stick to it. Since you’ve hopped on board Athletica, follow that one.

However, context is key, so if you feel that you are tired and need to recover more, then do so! Athletica will adjust your future workouts to keep you on track.

Make sense?


Hi Torsten,
Jesse is bang on the button. Double-check your Athlete settings in both Garmin and Athletica. This happened to me on the running side very early on when I joined Athletica and once I updated everything to my newest thresholds, both platforms aligned.
Post if you complete this and the two are still not similar.


Thanks to both of you @Cubicfunction @Jesse, you both were right, my thresholds did not align.

Is there a way to pick, when I’m testing each sport? It’s winter right now over here and I do not want to do an all out 5k at -7°C (19°F).
Would it be possible to trigger the tests individual?

Hi Torsten,

Do you have any recent’ish races or all-out runs that you can use for placeholder?
I have used my best 5km run data if it was reasonably relevant to the current training cycle you are in. No platform is going to be perfectly dead on with any metrics, as the athletes being measured are human :thinking: , but finding somewhere to begin the journey and then refine it from there is where the magic lies.
Best of luck with getting started; you are on an exciting journey of improvement.