Holiday Hiatus 2023

Happy New Year and great new forum to start with! Some of us have been away from our training schedules and regimen because of the holiday season. Now that’s over, we’ve missed a lot of training days. I’ve been out for 2 weeks on vacation and gained 5 kilograms. Before the holidays I was training to improve my 5K PR of 26:33, my goal was to hit 20 for 5K. Or in 3yrs to hit a BQ for someone like me at 42yrs old.

Is it safer to hit the reset and start completely from the beginning a 5K training plan. I don’t have a target race day so “Train to maintain” while training in 5K training plan.

Thank you!

Train to maintain 5k on low volume is a great way to start back @RonSP :muscle:

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