IM Intensity L3a

I think L3a zone is to high for IM. This is my tempo intensity, I don’t think I can sustain this for a IM. How do you think?

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Albert, is this L3a zone for your training right now?

Yes today on the bike first time IM pace 20 min.

Hi @Albert … if you think its too rich for IM pace than it likely is. Dial it back by 5 bpm. Also work towards prolonging the time you can do these efforts for. Keep fine tuning but usually lower intensity is better when going long like in IM.

Thank you Paul. My VT1 is 125 bpm. Should it be better to stay close at this heart rate? Or is this intensity to low?

VT1 is typically the transition point between zone 2 and zone 3. So just above that for you likely around 130 bpm should be in the sweet spot.

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