Is it me? : race time prediction


Welcome Patrick!

The answer is that there sorta is, and sorta isn't. As you're probably aware, we have fast courses and we have slow courses that vastly change the race time outcome (think hills, wind, altitude, temperature, humidity). We can't control those factors. What we can control is our output. We measure your output continually with every training session you do in Athletica. You can find those in your charts as your power and pace profiles. As an example, one of our Athletica ambassadors, Cindy Maloney, just had an epic performance in Kona. Her race and training files are posted on the blog. Kona is a good example where wind, heat and humidity have to be factored in. However here now posted below is an even more complete picture because you can see how her speed and power profile charts work to predict her capacities to produce power and deliver pace across the exercise intensity and duration spectrum (pick any event distance/duration). These will also appear in your Training Zones on Athletica. Our workout reserve (WR; green lines in Cindy's blog post charts on Kona race) also show how her training perfectly links back to her abilities and predicts her performance (i.e., both bike and run WR hit zero, tank empty, as she nears the finish line). Thus, Athletica is to our knowledge the first system that delivers end-to-end linkage between your training input and performance output. There should be no surprises on race day.

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New to Athletics.ia.

Is it me or there is in fact no race time prediction feature on the system?

Which is quite surprising because I just provide a month worth of data to Chatgpt and it comes back with a race time prediction : you have access to my 10 years worth of data through Garmin!