Kindly help with this: "Warning: Your bike fitness is too high for this plan...."

I keep getting this warning, can somebody clarify what it means?

  • Your bike fitness is too high for this plan (cannot meet fitness target for 2024-02-05-2024-02-12 build cycle). You may want to consider changing to the high volume plan.
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I get this warning as well. Best I can tell, it’s triggered by the workout parameters you put in for workout time when you initially set your program.

Personally, I don’t think the warning should be there, because things such as tapers for races/targets should be assumed to be below average workout times.

So I just ignore it.


Hi @oldandfast
I get these “warnings” aswell; they do seem to come and go, but especially during lower volume recovery or taper weeks and especially if I move between volume plans.
I reached out to Paul @Prof when I first started using Athletica for guidance on how to respond to them.

He asked if I felt like the sessions were too difficult or easy to maintain and if so then adjust the platform accordingly.

Your RPE is your superpower here.

In time they may disappear as the platform gets to know you through more history. If you feel that you could do more than what is being recommended then move up and see how that feels. If it is too much you can always change it back or Vice Versa.


I will echo @cubicfunction here as well. As long as you feel like the workouts on the bike are “not too hard, not too easy, but just right”, then ignore. IF you feel like your overall training plan is just right, don’t worry about those warnings.

For context. My swim fitness is too low for this plan- and it is because I took a long break *swim is my superpower,so my swim fitness numbers are super low. Makes sense? I’ve been more work on running and it is showing. For an ironman athlete, getting better in running is what i’ve needed to work on to get better overall.

You could just add a session or two if you have time and energy without necessarily going up a level (from low to mid or from mid to high volume).

I’m sure once I crank out some weeks with high volume bike sessions, I will get the bike fitness too high for this plan as well.

Makes sense?


Just to revisit thus topic - I’m on about week 3 of a low volume plan. I’ve had various warnings to say that my swim, or bike, or run, or all fitness is too high for the low volume plan I’m on.

I’m easy with just adding extra to make it up as the amount of hours each week is about right for me, but my question really is…

How does this affect your fatigue/form data? I also get warnings that I may be over training at times. If I increase my volume, or move up to the medium volume plan, won’t that spike me over the edge more on fatigue?

Loving Athletica so far and interesting to see how this is measured

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Hi @jockefc23 ,

Thanks for your kind comments and support.

Correct. When you add extra training (hours or intensity) that increases the training load (stress) and reduces form but also increases fitness. What Athletica ‘sees’ is that you appear to be very fit and capable. When I eyeball your profile I can’t fault its thinking (i.e., I’m only seeing signs that you are handling the training). More is not always better (i.e., Sami Inkinen wins Kona on 10-12h/wk) but the option is there for you to either do a bit more or switch to the mid volume in the future. Option only. I wouldn’t overthink it.