Warning - Request to Increase Volume


For context i'm a 2.5 to 3 w/kg rider trying to break through to 3 - 3.5 w/kg. I've had a history of over training but i'm getting a warning that i'm not doing enough.

  • For some weeks, we would advise you to train less than your defined weekly minimum hours, as that will help you perform better on your target event.
  • Your bike fitness is too high for this plan (cannot meet fitness target for 2023-12-09-2023-12-11 base cycle). You may want to consider changing to the mid volume plan.

Where can i look at the mid volume plan? I want to get an idea of how much of an increase it would be for me to ramp up to Mid Volume.

For the first time in a while after 3 weeks on the plan i'm feeling a bit less burned out. I think i was doing too much intensity before.


Hey Ryan,

Honestly, if you're feeling good right now, and not burnt out from where you've been, that sounds like a really good thing to me. Based on your history I'd give yourself more time on that journey.

To look at the mid-volume plan, just go to your settings and program in the mid volume. Be sure to click on 'skip test week' or you'll get another test week that you probably don't want.