Max heart rate, intervals and expected heart rates

I have a few questions related to the max heart rate.

I’ve been wondering how Athletica sets the max heart rate, since there’s no option I can find anywhere to actually set one manually. Is it calculated from the 5km threshold HR?

Secondly, when prescribing intervals, Athletica expects me to get to a heart rate that’s close to my max heart rate and stay there for a long time, which there’s no way I’m capable of actually doing. Here’s an example “HIIT Short(hills) & Long (run)” session, where I run faster than expected but spend no time in Zone 5 as my Zone 5 HR lower end is basically at my max heart rate (177 vs 180). How I would ever get to Zones 6 and 7 I don’t know…

Is this simply an issue of my 5km threshold HR being incorrect and thus my max HR and the zones are out of whack?

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Yes I would also like to know what Athletica has detected as my max heart rate over time.

For intervals, because your heart has a bit of a lag as it is climbing up in frequency, your heart rate is actually not the best method to use as target intensity. Just use your pace and RPE, and let your heart do what it does.
My general rule of thumb is to use heart rate for sessions z1&2 and pace&power for any session above threshold 2 (ftp/cp/lt).
Sometimes the external output (pace/power) and internal response (HR) just don’t match and that’s ok. :+1:t2:


Marjaana, many thanks.
I also prefer such trick.
But, how can I change it in my training session? If I want to show me during the interval: one case - target HR or another case - target Power?
Is it possible to preset it?

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In your settings - profile - plan settings you can specific whether you want your workouts prescribed by power/pace or heart rate, or let Smart AI Coach choose the best option. See the attached.