Missing Intervall while importing Bike Session to garmin

Doing a Bike Session that intends to have 2x8 intervals. Within Garmin Bike Computer (edge 840) IT only Shows 1x8 repeats.

Since I am a new User I can only Upload the athletica Screenshot

Hi @moldenbu,
Some other users are also reporting issues with uploads so this might explain.
Can you send me the .fit file from Garmin of your bike workout?
Also to be clear, are you saying that the PUSHED workout to Garmin was only 1x8x30/30 and not 2x8x30/30 as prescribed?

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I too am seeing that both my bike sessions have failed to load in Athletica today. Note the invalid date in the header. Garmin Connect and Strava are happy with the activities.

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Yes, exactly: 1x8x30/30.
How can I send you the .fit file? Can’t Upload jt here