Air bike for cycling session

I’m on a low volume 50km running plan and I’ve been scheduled a few recovery rides. I don’t have a bike, but I have an air bike. This week (Tue & Thur) I’ve been matching the time and power suggested for the ride and staying within the HR parameters (mostly). I record these as eliptical sessions on my Garmin watch, as it seems to match best with that Activity profile on the watch - there is no air bike activity.
A couple of questions:

  1. I can’t seem to link this session to the planned session. Does that matter at all? Obviously it affects my ‘compliance’ rating - but I am doing the session.
  2. For some reason, this morning’s session shows as 60min when it was 86. It says that was ‘moving time’ - but I was riding the whole time, so I’m confused where it’s got that from.


Hi Ken, you can always manually add the sessions with the air bike to Athletica. There’s not a load, but Athletica will still take into account the time spent.
Sometimes Garmin and Athletica speak slightly different dialects of the same language so the actual time is different than the workout time or the workout on Athletica says one thing and Garmin gives you a much shorter or longer workout (happened to me today!). You can always adjust the workout time as well.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for your reply Paul.
I have tried deleting the athletica prescribed rides and adding in Air-bike sessions to match. However, it doesn’t seem that Athletica amends sessions that I add, which is fair enough. Perhaps I’m wrong about that - as I’m quite new still. However, athletica will amend the ride workouts to match what I’ve done earlier in the week. Last week - on the referenced ride - athletica increased the time from 38’ to 1:26’ after I had a shorter than planned run on the Tuesday. I then matched it with an unplanned air-bike session.
With the session time, this was an unplanned session, not one that was sent to Garmin. I started my Garmin watch and rode for 1:26 (86 minutes) on the air bike. On Garmin Connect and Strava it shows as 1:26, but for some reason Athletica thinks that I rode about an hour and sat around for the other 26 minutes. Other than it being a possible bug, the only reason I’m concerned is that I think it also affects the load it thinks I got from the session.

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There is sometimes a translation challenge between Garmin and Athletica in terms of time. You can always edit the time you rode if the issue is the translation.

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