Mobile app release date?

Willing to commit to a month yet?

Didn’t know there was an app in the books. This is cool. Will it be a native app?

Rumor only which is why I’m asking.

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@mpderksen we’re doing a pretty big revamp of the UX/UI on the mobile responsive web app right now and want to take some of this design thinking into our mobile app development. We won’t start the mobile project until the summer, but the existing app on mobile will benefit from the redesign work we are doing.

@pierre the native vs. non-native app thinking has evolved significantly over the past few years and right now we are looking at all options, but there are a lot more options to create mobile apps that are available in the app store, have notifications and offline functionality, etc. without having to go down the traditional iOS + Android siloed development. We’re really excited about making a transformational mobile app experience, so watch this space.