More questions: progression, smart coach, injuries


Hello Athletica!

I've got more questions:

1) When training zones change because if increased fitness, how is this communicated with the athlete? Is there a pop up like when threshold values change? Is that the sign that training zones have changed?

2) When using the Smart Coach, Athletica chooses either HR or pace / power targets. As far as I know, I need to start the activity on my Garmin to see which has been selected. Is there a way of establishing which has been chosen via the web app?

3) In a situation where there is a lower limb injury that excludes swim or bike or run for a period of time. How do we communicate this with Athletica? Do we adjust the training distribution in the settings? Do we just skip workouts until we can resume training? For example: I've got a grade 1 calf strain that will eliminate running for at least a week and will require a progressive return in 2 or 3 weeks. I can bike, however. How do I adjust the next few days / week?

Thanks guys!

Hi Jesse,

1) Yes - a notification will be shown (bell icon upper right hand corner of screen) when a threshold value higher than in your settings is detected. You will be prompted to accept or decline the change. If you accept the change than you zones will be updated accordingly.

2) Not at this point, however the rules should follow that which is written in this newsletter.

3) You have a number of options as follows for injury: a) skip the workout entirely, delete or just miss it, b) search the Workout Wizard and in particular the injury tab for alternate sessions that fit to your context. As you suggest, cycling is a good modality to lower gastroc/soleus engagement but still hold onto fitness. This option is often shown for you.

Hope that helps.




For point #3, it sounds like I should continue to take it one day at a time. Choosing the most context appropriate workout for that day, resuming running when I can and let the algorithm adjust as I go?

Thanks Prof!