Multi Sport Training Plans?

Currently my schedule for this year is: Trail Running Race in April, Enduro MTB race in July, Gravel Race in August. I have a plan built for the running race in April. If I try to add the MTB event in July to the calendar it says I may only add running events. Is there any way to generate a plan that takes into account multiple different types of events? I completely understand performance in both will be compromised and that time on the bike takes away from running time and vice versa.

Hi @davjr96 ,

This is a tricky one. Sounds to me like you want to mostly bike and run in your training for optimal adaptation that is sport specific. To me you sound like a duathlete. In your case, you might want to consider calling yourself a duathlete, and then planting a fictitious duathlon A race in the future beyond your August Gravel Race, and make your all the races you mention you B races. I would personally play around with something like that.

I’ll give that a try, thanks!

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Mine is even trickier. I’m a triatleet but can’t run longer than around 1 hour/10km due to recurring knee problems. I’m taking part in the Dutch 3th division Triathlon competition that is mostly made of sprint distance races. The 4 or 5 races start in spring with the last one in late August. So far so good when I choose the Triathlon as my main sport however there is a but…

Almost at the end of the season I signed up for the Challenge Almere Aquabike on September 14 (and this will be my A race). That is the full distance Triathlon but without the run. Athletica offers me a Duathlon profile but that is bike-run not swim-bike.

How can I work around this in Athletica. For now I chose the Triathlon profile with a full distance Triathlon as a A race but that will give me a training schedule to run a full Marathon which I will not run.

So I want a Triathlon profile as long as that leads to 1/8-Sprint-1/4-Standard distances but need a Duathlon option for my A race, the Aquabike. Any ideas?

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Are you on the beta tester program @JoghoJogho ? If not, send me a PM with your name and I can set you up to play around with the user-time-constraints feature to try to limit your running.

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Thanks for reaching out, I send you a PM

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