New Athletica connections

@Fabs Just a heads-up, we’ve fixed the issue. Sorry about that!

If you give it another try, please do a force-reload (ctrl + r) and you should be good to go.


Tried your app with my last athletica workout.
Here are my thoughts:

  • It was very handy to have the workout just selected from athletica, thats a big +. Also connecting sensors was super easy
  • It would be great if the workout can be adjusted by +/- % similar to Zwift. As I saw, your software just allows to adjust the absolute value by +/-. Since I had 40/20 Intervals and the 40s Block was way to hard, it was a pain to reduce the load for every interval. A workaround was to reduce the FTP value under options which was updating the whole active workout.
  • It would be great to have maybe a small visual view on the workout blocks… Your software is showing just the next block, so I dont know how much is done (am I in 6/10 or 7/10…?). Would be great to have a complete workout overview and also a visual (window or floor sign to see) the start and the end of the block. You know it from zwift, so you know what I mean.

My recommendation:

  • I think your application needs a unique value proposition. In my perspective it would be a group function with custom workouts.
    In my product vision, I could “host” a workout and jsut send a link to friends and they can join. Workout intensity is adjusted on FTP. Gummiband function or at least the friend position on the minimap. There is a small overview of all friends showing data (Watt,HR,Cadence,…).
    Having a function like that would allow users to invite friends for a quick custom group workout. I see alot of people looking out for there since there is no easy solution even on Zwift.
    By that, you fill a gap.

I know probably just a dream functionality and hard to integrate. Just wanted to leave my thougts :slight_smile:
Most of the function is btw. included in the software ICtrainer. May you can merge or learn from them :slight_smile:


Hey @fabs just letting you know those group rides can be done directly on zwift. I do that weekly on zwift. Would that be something you’d be interested in doing? Follow the community topic “riding together on zwift”

:+1:t2: marjaaana

@Fabs Thanks for the feedback!

Multiplayer is definitely happening :slight_smile:

We’ll also implement the workout (-/+) adjuster, and will improve the workout UI.

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as i know its still not possible to host custom workouts in zwift? everyone has to load the workout on his device, and custom workouts need to be uploaded before hand which is painful if you just join on ios or mobile?
Or did they change recently?
E.g. if i want to host an athletica workout for 5 friends, they all have to upload first.


Yes it is possible. This is what I have done:

  1. create event and invite friends
  2. make sure to choose rubberband
  3. I write a description of the workout everyone will do, they can either upload workout from Athletica and change it to match the description, or what I have done is the next step:
  4. Create google meet and I walk everyone though the workout. You could also use a chat if you don’t wan t video… That way friends just join you and you’re the leader.

But that is what I am saying. It is not possible to host a workout.
Everyone has to select the workout from its personal database.
Therefore you have to share the workout.
It is not possible to upload a custom workout e.g. on IOS or on the appleTV.
Therefore it is just to much hussle and we then choose a standard Zwift workout everyone has in the library.

Via official events, you can host group workouts. but that is not working on a privat level.

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Unfortunately nothing we can do about it so we just have to work with what we’ve got :muscle:t2::grin:


We are on the same page, I just wanted to let biketerra know that this is a unique feature for his software :slight_smile:


Typically when I do a group ride with friends we’re all doing different workouts anyway. So we do a banded meetup and each select our own workout.

As a user, for me the must haves for me to consider any application is the ability to change the trainer “elevation” (Zwift has this and it’s great for me as I run a Claris on my trainer which doesn’t have the same gearing as my 105 to hit certain watts) and syncing to Garmin and Strava. I don’t want to be bothered to manually upload anything.

I believe Indie doesn’t direct upload to Garmin (unless this has changed) which is why I remain on Zwift at this point in time.

@Fabs Right on, it’s the next big item on our list :slight_smile:

Re: workouts, could you tell me more about (or show screenshots of) what your “ideal” workout UI would look like? We’re trying to walk the fine line between providing enough info & not having too much visual clutter.

@DaveBoyle Yes, Biketerra has a “Baseline resistance” setting which I think is what you’re describing. It’s used to offset (lack of) resistance for bikes with limited gearing.

We do integrate with Strava, and I’ll see if we can also integrate with Garmin as well.


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@DaveBoyle fyi - I reached out to Garmin.

Their developer program no longer supports activity uploading, unfortunately.

It did in the past. I’m assuming it still works for some “grandfathered” apps. Hopefully they’ll bring it back :slight_smile:

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What a bummer! Thanks for the update.!

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