Options OTHER than Zwift

I’m looking for options to ride that are NOT Zwift. If I just use my Garmin 530 to run the workout, it puts my Kickr into ERG mode at every segment.
I could use Rouvy, FulGaz, TrainerRoad, and then “build” the workout into any of those programs instead. Curious what other people are using.

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doing a little homework, it seems that the workflow of using FulGaz is identical to Zwift: export .ZWO, ride, sync with Strava → Athletica.
Testing today.

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Full Gaz is decent, if you prefer the non gamification of things. That said, after using Zwift since inception in 2015, on again off again subscriptions, I am back on the platform. In terms of uploading pre programmed workouts to the service, I always found that it takes too much time and effort. If you know you got 30/30s or low cadence strength work, or sprints, I found the Athletica workouts repetitive enough to commit to memory.

Just fyi @mpderksen and @amn2099


You’ve listed some good one already @mpderksen, but you might want to also look into IndieVelo who are making strides and got a lot of the users from RGT when it closed. You can manually import a workout file from Athletica there as well, and for now, the app is free.

@Prof this is another company that is in a similar stage of development as Athletica, they may be willing to work with you on an integration?

Other option not mentioned would be MyWhoosh (not a huge fan, but some like it).

Thanks @AdamJowett … indieVelo is current in progress. Couldn’t agree more. No response back yet from MyWhoosh

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I use Rouvy and ride a route as usual in Just Ride or Time Trial that suits the workout so a bit like doing the session on the road -30/30 40/20, flat ish, uphill route for low rpm etc and download the workout to the Edge, follow the workout and hit the power levels, works well for me without being tied into ERG

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Can you confirm if it “flattens” the elevation like Zwift?

Might be a nice alterative for me next indoor season.

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you nailed the core concern right there at the end: “tied into ERG”. I never use ERG, and don’t want to. Coach gives me ranges, rather then specific targets, and I am completely on board with that approach. But as beautiful as some of these videos can be, generally if I am inside I’m doing something structured, and I found it hard (on FulGaz for the IM LP course I road) to maintain within my range as the Kickr is changing resistance.
The Zwift model of flattening the road if doing a workout works really well for me. I’m just having an unsolvable issue with their platform sending dozens of unwanted screenshots to my laptop every ride. After years of it, and multiple tech support calls, I’m looking for a different option.