Power Profile Test execution Tips

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Giving Athletica a try starting next week with the testing workouts. Historically, I have avoided high intensity (shorter than 30 seconds) efforts indoor, however, this time I want to try the power profile, but would like some guidance as to how to best set up the test.

I take that using ERG mode might not be convenient. So slope could be best. I have a Wahoo Kickr and I record and control the trainer using my Garmin 530. I do not want to pay for an app (zwift, TR, etc) to control the trainer.

I appreciate any insight and tips regarding how to set up the trainer/control for this specific test (slope %, etc.)

Thanks. Old

Correct. Don’t use ERG mode. Freeride. Let your mind decide what is possible for each power time duration. Your Wahoo Kickr should allow that, no? We’re just starting our talks with the Wahoo team and I’ll likely be purchasing one of their units but sorry I don’t know yet how it works. Ultimately you need some sort of a free ride mode where the more you push (using gears) the more power that is registered. It should have that capability somewhere.

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Also fyi we have a new feature being released that couples with your power profile work and it would be great if you can become familiar with it as it should be somewhat revolutionary we think. Has taken us a few years to build. Only released the other day. Be great if you could help us iron out the bugs. Should work on your 530.


This is interesting! Is this widget meant to be used during the bike sessions in our plan? I can also test it on my 1030 Plus or 1040.

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Just a note that I believe IndieVelo supports ZWO files (Zwift Workout) and is currently free, so you could still use virtual software without paying a membership fee.

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bike (power) or run (pace)

I didn’t get what you mean. The released data field seems to be only Edge compatible, which is a cycling device. So I assume I cannot use it for running. But that’s a good idea for you actually. It shouldn’t be too difficult to bring it also to the watches so it can be used for running too. I have a Garmin watch so I can also test it in case you need a tester.

About the 20-minute Power test, I see is just a 20-minute effort without the 5-minute all-out effort before, what percentage is used to calculate the results then?

CP/FTP is approximately 95% of the 20’ power. But everyone is a little different so it could be slightly higher or lower.

even without the 5-minute all-out effort to drain some energy before the 20 minutes? IMO it should be less than 95% because this test is just a 20-minute all-out effort.

Excellent point! Yes, traditionally there’s a 5 minute “clearing” effort to reduce the anaerobic contribution.

@Prof can comment here with a reference to the literature that supports a singular 20 minute effort.


How will the data from my upcoming Power Profile Test be used for my training plan? I have read “The Power Profile Predicts Road Cycling MMP. International Journal of Sports Medicine 31(6):397-401, 2010,” and have a better understanding of how the Power Profile test relates to Maximum Mean Power from competition. Having already completed my FTP test and seeing that my data there was updated. Will the AI, be able to utilize the data from the Power Profile Test, to better fine tune my training?
Thanks as always, -Joe

Hi @KinesioMS… That’s the work we’re doing at this very moment. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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How can I choose the power profile test? I have an upcoming test week next week and I would rather do the PP test instead of the 20 min FTP Test. The 20 MIn FTP Test has no wizard to choose another test?

Or is it beta only?

Work around is to save a previous PP test to your library. That way you can deploy it when you want. Does next week’s test week not have both 20’ and PP scheduled?

Just the 20 min FTP Test and a MAF Test are scheduled (and Run 5k TT + MAF, Swim CSS)

I’m new wo atheltica. Used PKRS.AI before but they suddenly shut down their service yesterday. So I have no previous test week. Would be great to have a “public” library of all test workouts

Agreed on the library request, I’ve made the suggestion in the past. And it sucks that pkrs shut down without notice.

In the mean time… you can try playing with your plan since you’ve just started. I set my objective to TT (ftp builder) and had both the 20’ TT and PP in my test week. Single sport.

You can try those settings with the objective of getting those workouts, adding all the tests to your library, and then returning to the current settings.

Then you can add the tests to your next week as desired.

Let us know if that works for you!

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It says “your priority event must be a triathlon event” so I’m not able to get a single sport bike test week.
Same message when I delete all races and try to “train to maintain” for a cycling TT.

changed my sport from triathlon to cycling and planned a cycling race. Now I got the PP test workout and was able to add it to my library. thanks for the smart workaround.

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That was what I was going to suggest. Change sport temporarily and then back again once you’ve saved all the testing sessions.

Feel free to join the Big Training Thread to share your training highs and lows.

Enjoy test week :grin: