Power Meter variance Indoors vs. Outside

Indoors: Kickr. Did the FTP test, but also ran a Garmin Edge 530 connected just to my Speedplay/Wahoo pedals. I calibrated both, but the output of the pedals was a full 8W different from the Kickr.
Is this enough variance that I need to alter my Outside FTP settings?
(Precision vs. Accuracy)

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Currently we have indoor and outdoor power settings. For now, please use the appropriate number for indoors vs outdoors. These should pair appropriately to the session in question, however 8 W probably isn’t large enough to make a massive difference. Moreover, I like to use my power settings mostly as a guide, keeping them ‘open’ so that if I feel good on a day I can do more, vs if I feel bad on a day I can do a bit less.

Rather not even worry about it. I didn’t know if 8 watts was a big deal. Thanks again for such great response time to questions.

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Hi Michael, to add on to what Paul said (I know, two Pauls in one thread), I generally advise my athletes to compare their indoor power to indoor workouts and outdoor power to outside. The two are often different, due to a lot of different factors. Plus different power meters get calibrated differently, so I’d wouldn’t compare the Kickr and pedals.
Does that make sense?

Will Athletica “know” that I’m Outside vs. Inside? There are 2 areas to place my Threshold in the settings. Can you explain why, if not for the system to compare to targets for inside vs. outside workouts?
My concern is that I will have a certain, average Watts on a long ride outside, (and it is normal for that situation, but clearly too high for inside work), and then my next indoor session targets will be elevated and I end up doing an inappropriately hard session. I might not be explaining clearly. Sorry.
Perhaps if I better understood how the system determines performance against the 2 targets it would help me a bit?

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For the most part these should be the same unless you have indoor/outdoor bike power settings that are vastly different. So option to make those specific to your indoor our outdoor set up. Not required.