Profile corrupt?

Hi for the past 3 days I’ve been unable to view my plan as the trading plan page/view never loads. I think my profile may be corrupt.

Hey @vilbs
Can you please send me a private message with your registered email address and I will take a look at your profile

Thanks for trying to help Marjaana but still no joy.

My profile / training plan is still having issues a week later. Having just completed my B race yesterday (which I won!) I only have 1 event, a long distance triathlon end of August. I deleted my other events to try and get things working a bit better in Athletica.
Next week it has “1/2 Marathon High Volume Test Week” which in itself doesn’t make sense and similarly is a week of pure running including a Tuesday all out 5k which feels a bit too soon after Saturday’s race. But ok.
The following week is “Half Marathon High Volume Taper” which again doesn’t make sense as there’s nothing to taper for. It has a rest day on the Sunday so it looks like it thinks I have a race on the Saturday (even though it has planned a normal workout)
The following week then 99% of the time never loads and then gives me an error.
It’s obviously got itself in a pickle but would appreciate it if some one can get it sorted / wipe the profile so I can start again.

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Could you try again now please and let me know?

Still no joy. I have emailed support again and attached a screen recording of the issue.

Thanks @vilbs … the team is aware and working on this for you. Apologies for the challenges.

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Hi Prof - I thought I saw a message from you saying it was sorted and to try again but I can’t see it now. Anyway it does seem to be working much better. The only issue now the current week typically gets stuck loading a swim for May 10. It then errors. Then actually loads the workout but with a new icon/message that I haven’t seen before “We’re currently fine tuning this session. You’ll be able to make modifications shortly.” Other times it does load and the message is not displayed. But in the scheme of things it is working much better now.

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