Run Off the Bike Intensity

I have had a few ROB (Run Off the Bike) workouts since starting with Athletica. I feel like the pace is abnormally fast. It has the description as L3b pace and “around 70.3 intensity”. However, I feel like I would not be able to maintain the suggested pace (and I have never come close) for a 70.3 run. I think my testing and zones are pretty accurate. Thoughts? Maybe I really can hold that pace, lol! Or am I missing something?


Hey there.

Context is important, but yes, run pace off the bike usually feel pretty horrible at first.

First, believe in yourself. If you tell yourself, “I can’t do this” guess what, you won’t.

Second, practice the transition. It’s not just a transition where you swap bike shoes for run shoes. You have to allow yourself to transition from a biker to a runner.

One of the cool workouts I was given when I was just starting (and very green), was a trainer set at the local track. I would do some short intervals on the bike, swap shoes, do an 800m run, then repeat after recovery on the bike.

Maybe try breaking the run into smaller sections. Mentally focus on the feel, accepting that the heavy legs will feel okay soon.

I hope this helps and I didn’t complicate it.


You are not alone. I also feel the intensity of the pace is really fast. I am able to hold it for the ROB 20-30 minutes but zero chance that would actually be my 70.3 pace for 13 miles in an actual race.

@amn2099 thanks for the response. I probably should have given more context. I have been doing triathlons for about 15 years. I have completed a full, and about 15 70.3s. I completely understand the feeling of running off the bike, transitions, and attitude. I’m just trying to figure out if Athletica really feels like I could hold this pace for a 70.3. It would be a 20+ minute run PR. That sounds great, but seems like a stretch.

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Ahh ok. Yea, the paces did seem fast.

Just speaking from my perspective, having used the platform for about 2 years off and on. The paces at run off do seem fast, but the range appears ok.

I just got back from the same exact workout in 90F and it was hard and I aimed for the slower part of the range.

Try it. And you know I would say, it’s ok to break it into chunks. Say 5 to 8 minutes, practice your aid station, pick it up again.

Chelsea Sodaro walked every aid station in Kona and she was floating that day.


DM me more if you want to talk more about it. Sounds like you are experienced but are just getting used to Athletica. Also, we have great discussions on our Wednesday VO2 Zwift sessions. Check out the forum thread.


I have the same feedback regarding pace, but the HR is usually on range. I have also been doing 15 70.3 and 3 full. That said, I know I often push too much on the bike and pay it on the run.


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Hey! Just my two cents about pacing off the bike. If the pace seems too hard, you probably over-biked a little. Practicing those shorter runs after a bike at the target pace 1. After well paced bike (not overdoing it) 2. Over-bike and then run at target pace. Try couple of weekends in a row and see how they feel.

I only know this because I’ve “under-biked “ (my power meter was off and blindly trusted it) and ran only 9 mins slower than my stand alone marathon during IM. Overbiking makes a huge difference.


My 2 cents on this… I love these workouts each week.

3 hours on the bike then normally a 20 to 30 min run off the bike will always feel hard, however the pace set for me is pretty much spot on for my half marathon pace.

The way I look at it is if I can run that pace for 30 mins off the bike in training consistently, I should be able to push it for longer in a race. I use Stryd Power so I run off at 335W, chances are I know I’ll probably only be able to hold 315-320W in a 70.3 but it gives me the confidence to know that’s achievable vs the 295W I was running previously