Swimming volume

How much swimming in the week is necessary to make progress. I am used to 2 workouts fora long time. My treshold speed stays almost the same.

Hi @Albert.
An increase in training frequency is certainly a well established factor that leads to enhanced ability in swimming. Swimming is very much a feel and economy based sport so more time on task tends to elicit better results. However context is everything. If you can only make 2 workouts a week in life then don’t stress and that is fine. Just delete the other sessions you can’t make and try to do the hardest and longest looking sessions in the week on those 2 days you have available. Of course, when with think of triathlon, swimming tends to be the event mode that has the least influence on your overall time so if there is one exercise mode you need to reduce to save time in your life, it is swimming.
Hope that helps in your decisions.


@Albert to eco the @Prof a bit I would not try to force things if you can only do two days a week of swimming. I would instead try to maximize those two days. When this happens with my athletes I usually look to see what drills they have been doing, their sets, and type of sessions. If it’s typically the same thing, don’t be afraid to change things up. With the swim, your technique is going to be critical. Way more so than in cycling and running to a certain extent.

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We don’t do drills in our master swimgroup. Is that a problem? We do swimming with and without pullboy.

That’s absolutely fine @Albert … recommended only.