Sync Zwift with Strava vs Connect

Previously, my Zwift data would go to Strava AND Connect after a ride. My workout would be in Athletica pretty quickly and I would see that it sync’d via Strava.
Recently, I deleted Strava and all connections (comparison was killing my joy). Now, when I finish a Zwift ride, ONLY the Garmin Connect is active. I see it in Connect before I can get my shoes off (and I get a notification that it’s in TrainingPeaks since that hasn’t expired yet). But I have to go to my computer, export the file and import into Athletica.
There is some kind of major delay between the Connect/Athletica sync that isn’t present in the Strava/Athletica version.
This is feedback as you develop your API.

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Unfortunately, the problem is Grmin. If Garmin receives workout data from another service, it will not pass it on to Athletica. The work around is to, ironically, sync with strava which will then sync with Athletica…


With Strava an application can subscribe to what are called web hooks. These enable Strava to tell you straight away if a new activity has been uploaded by any athlete that has authorised your app. Thus you can grab the activity data pretty much immediately. I’d imagine this is the model Athletica is following, rather than polling (this is where you keep asking Strava if they have anything for an athlete).

Yep. I realized this today as well. needs to get connected into Zwift to fix this I guess.

I restarted Strava, and that’s just how I’ll get the completed Zwift rides into Athletica. Actually not a big deal at all. I like to understand stuff, so don’t read any of this as a complaint.


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