Test Week questions

Thoughts post test week (still need to do the critical power on bike)

Having completed Ironman Texas 2 weeks ago, it was good to see where things are at especially since my last tests were when environmental conditions were more suitable for kick-ass performances. In the cusp of summer, things are heating up here in TX, and humidity has been insane the last few days (90+%) …

This morning 5kTT. Started well but faded massively after couple of k. Felt defeated at the moment, but then Coach Paul in my head pop in to say this: you’re training in these conditions all summer long (and even hotter), this is what represents your capacity in these conditions. So at 91% humidity and 25c, I was able to clock in 23:46. Athletica will give me training intensity zones that represents what I can do in these conditions… you following me?

So athlete MJ realized that 1. Don’t always attach so much negative value to the absolute time- remember to look at what the conditions were. 2. Always do a test in the conditions you’re going to train in the next few months. So as most people on the northern hemisphere are getting into summer training, it could be a good idea to crank out a fun 5k to see if your training intensity zones need to be adjusted. 3. Running 5k hard after an Ironman is a great reminder that even an old girl, Ironman athlete need to do some hard running :running_woman:t2: :joy:

MAF run test earlier this week also showed a lot slower time - quite similar to my pace at Ironman Texas, which made me realize that 1. I paced my IMTX pretty well considering the conditions. 2. Fixating on some wishful time regardless of conditions, is sure way to feel defeated and bad about myself. Just don’t.

How often do you check your 5k and MAF?

One more test and then back to training!!


Hello friends!
I have made my 5k TT test.
As I understood: my Threshold HR is average HR during the last 10 min of the test.
What about Threshold Pace? My average pace during 5k is 4:10 min/km. Athletica has installed my Threshold Pace at 4:26 min/km. It’s about 94% of average test pace.
Is 94% of average 5k TT pace correct formula for calculation?
Many thanks

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Average pace also the last 10 mins I believe :star:

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Pace of my last 10 mins is 4:07 min/km. It is not my Threshold Pace (4:26).

@Prof Can you share by protocol of 5k TT test with formulas.


Correct for now…

I had a test week last week and I just felt I was not fully rested after IMTX to be doing this. I did not like the MAF test. i walked the majority of it because it was impossible for me to keep my heart rate as low as it wanted it to be. Fast walking kept my HR steady where it wanted it and as soon as I would attempt a slow jog I was getting beeped at that my HR was too high. I’m not understanding how this test is beneficial. Could my HR just have wanted to be elevated because of fatigue? Then my 5k test was awesome. I always go out way too fast but I took almost a minute off my time from the last time I did one. And we won’t talk about my FTP test. :weary:

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