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Hi, I've just commenced a marathon training plan and a test week has been prescribed. In it I have two test sessions, (1) MAF test & (2) 5k TT.

The MAF test prescribes 5 minute intervals at 180-age - this will be walking pace for me (122bpm), my max HR is 200, I've just completed a plan for a HM, surely it must know this ?

The 5k TT seems unnecessary since I did a 5k race a few weeks ago, can this not be used instead ?

Currently HR and pace zones are only updated with specific testing (a little birdy told me this will change in the future). Since you're coming off a HM plan, the zones haven't been updated since the last testing week.

Walking for the MAF test is ok and not a problem at all.The purpose is to use that data to identify your current aerobic capacity.

I believe you can manually update your threshold pace and HR based on your most recent 5km TT, so no need to do it again. Unless you love a good 5km TT!

Many thanks Jesse... I'll skip the 5k TT ;-)

@markpfoster Hi Mark. I've had a look at your profile and agree that the 180 formula just wouldn't apply. I'd give this test a try using the top of your L2 level, so about 158 bpm. Congrats on your recent half.



P.S. - thanks Jesse for chiming in too.

@prof You’re welcome! Follow up MAF question: If you have recent “good” HR zones (1-5 model), is upper Z2 an OK target for the MAF test? Is the formula more appropriate for individuals with less training experience?

Just finished my Run MAF Test today. How should I use the results from this test? I didn't see any of my threshold values updated.

Also, another question is, in my plan, there's only one week of tests. Isn't there supposed to be more weeks with tests so I can compare my results to see my development?

@anilakarsu please see: http://localhost/nehe_Kroriwal/new_discourse/wordpress/forum/faqs/what-if-i-miss-my-test/#post-502

Deep dive option is here: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fphys.2020.00296/full

You can use your results to compare back to in the future. MAF test results, a surrogate of your ability to use fat as a fuel for exercise, is highly related to your performance.

I’ve completed my Swim Time Trial today, but my swimming threshold value was not recalculated. Also from my FTP test yesterday, my 20 min average was 261W but it was somehow taken as 248W by Athletica.

I manually updated the 20 min averages for the bike but I don’t know how to make Athletica calculate my swimming threshold correctly so I don’t overtrain or undertrain?

Hi @anilakarsu. Great stuff. Your bike threshold sounds correct. Currently Athletica uses the standard FTP calculation that takes your 20' maximal mean power and subtracts 5% (correct as you describe). We'll be moving to automated critical power in the coming months.

For your swim time trial, please contact me directly (prof at athletica) with your 50m and 400m time and I'll make the calculation for you and adjust your CSS.

Just did my power profile test and the values seem a bit low to me. Or do they take time to update.


Hey @ryanr. I think we’ve caught up about this directly and you look good to go for me. Let me know if you feel any issues with your power settings.

Is there a way to force a test week into a plan? Or can Athletica add the test workouts to my workout library so I can do them when I am available?

Hi @bfrostieone,

Absolutely. Two options as you allude to.

  1. Reset your plan and don't click 'skip test week'. The test week appears automatically in the following week.
  2. If you have any test week already in your previous plans, you will then of course have a test session. Copy that test session to your library to use whenever you want.

Thanks @Prof ... I wasn't looking forward to half an hour of fast walking, 158 sounds more like it

Just completed the bike trainer MAF test and while the description calls for "Easy riding to finish to 75 min" the activity time is 1:20:00 which is not 75 minutes.

Additionally my Garmin called for a HR between 119-139 for every single portion of the workout seemingly entirely disregarding the intent of the workout which was to maintain my MAF HR for the main portion of the set.

Not ideal...


Hi folks,

Planning the Power profile test on wattbike atom next week. For the power intervals is it just go in the hardest gear as hard as possible for the intervals?

Does this test give results for

Or something else?


Hi @Pablo_ie,
Great question. Aim for PP test is to produce as much average power as possible in each duration specified. The test is published here as Quod et al. (2010). Your results will show maximal mean powers (MMPs) for the durations shown. These MMPs are used to calculate your workout reserve (WR), which is shown in all bike and run sessions on Athletica. Green line in example.

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I began using Athletica the week of December 25th. I noticed that I do not have any test days scheduled in the coming weeks. In settings, the Skip test week box is unchecked. I did input my Thresholds for swim, bike and run. I am training to race. I have an indoor triathlon series that is scheduled for mid January, February and March. A set of 5k’s and a Cycling Crit, in May and June, which then leads into my triathlon race season.

Thoughts, would the Training Plan builder populate tests as needed? Was wondering if the time frame between from first C priority race and when I started training with Athletica was too short, hence no test days?

Thank you for all your input.


Hey everyone, any idea why I have two run tests scheduled back-to-back days next week?