Fast Talk Labs Podcast


Hi everyone. If you are looking for a podcast that is up to date in terms of where the area of AI and endurance coaching is going, this one that just aired on Fast Talk Labs is probably a good go to. It's heavily centred around Athletica but one thing I'm particularly proud of is the fact that Fast Talk had requests from 6-7 AI coaching companies and they chose us because of our science backing.


Congratulations @prof! Science FTW


It’s one of the coaches on Fasttalk that recommended I try Athletica in 2022. Here I am 18 months later and I haven’t fallen out with the AI.


Just you wait until OG is having an off LLM day and really lets you have it in your training feedback :joy:

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I listened to this episode as I am a regular listener to FastTalk. Honestly it is one of the reasons that I came back to Athletica after trialing it early this year! Great work @Prof !!


Thank you @Louwaert_TCL. I really appreciate those comments :slight_smile: