Tips for coaches

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Just a little advice on using the platform as of now (it’s January 15, 2024 when I post this).

I like to use notes with my athletes, they use them as well to inform me of travel, nutrition, sleep etc. just know that if you re-generate a plan, all future notes are being deleted at the moment.



These are the notes in the chat with the athletes or something else?


No the additional notes that you can add to any day by clicking on the + sign just like you would when adding one of your custom workouts. Write your note and choose Note on modalities.


Got it. Thanks!

Also, a client decided he wanted to use Training Peaks instead of Athletica. I had just paid for the year with him. Should I contact Mark for that? Or is there a way to cancel his account? I can’t see how to do that.

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I think you need to get the admin team (Mark) to cancel his account.

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